Infographic – Quick Guide to learn Python for Data Science

A situation has been described below. Has it ever happened to you?

I wanted to learn Python for Data Science, so I googled ‘I want to learn Python for data science’. Google, effortlessly, provided you the link of all resources to learn Python. Then, you get bemused by the innumerable links available to learn Python. Eventually, you end up contemplating, ‘From where should I begin now?’

Yes ? Don’t worry. Because you will never again face such situations.

There are plethora of resources available to learn programming and data science in Python. It is difficult to find a structured approach to master this language. To solve these problems, we launched learning path for data science in Python.

Today, we take this once step forward and provide you with an infographic for the same. Feel free to circulate this to your friends or take a print out and keep it on your pin-board!


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