Ultimate app to find the best Data Science resources

Have you felt at loss in the jungle of data science resources? Did you try finding a resource only to conclude there are too many of them? Or you couldn’t find one which just enables your learning without confusing you further? The problem in learning data science today is not lack of resources, but the abundance of it!

It has been our constant effort to provide you with the best of resources, in as simple manner as possible. To this effect, we launched our learning paths – which got a roaring response from all of you. Today, we are pleased to launch ultimate resource finder – another way to structure all the resources available out there in the wild. This resource finder aims to help you with all the resources you need in your journey to learn data science.

Find the best data science resources –  Ultimate Resource Finder

Instead of offering you a third world of data science resources, we’ve enlisted only the best resources and have been highly recommended by experts & users across the world. The list of resources is dynamic and will be constantly under development.

Please note, we are still adding resources to a few sections and will also continue to add more and more sections in this resource finder. If you have any suggestions / feedback on this tool, we will love to hear them. Please share them through the comments below.


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