7 must watch documentaries on Statistics and Machine Learning

Post by Ryan Bronson

7 must watch documentaries on Statistics and Machine Learning

31st Jul `18, 02:17 PM in Machine Learning

Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest in statistics and machine learning. Today, machine…

Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest in statistics and machine learning. Today, machine learning can help us make smarter decisions, and big data controls everything in our lives. It influences how we work, shop and do business. Data even help the police determine when and where the next crime is likely to happen.

But how is it all happening and how did it all start? The documentary films below can help you with answering these questions.

Here is a list of 7 must watch documentaries for those who have a passion for statistics and machine learning.

1. Humans Need no Apply

The fear of robots replacing us at our jobs is real. Around 45% of all jobs are at risk of being automated and replaced by robots.

Humans Need no Apply is one of the must watch documentaries. It shows how robots are transforming industrial manufacturing and replacing low skilled human jobs. The documentary states that even creative manufacturers aren’t secure today. Watch this movie to find out about the future where human labor is no longer required.

2. Deluged by Data

How big data impacts our lives every day? If you use electronic devices and browse the Internet, it determines a great deal of what you read, listen to, watch, or share on the social media. But did you know that the government and different companies, including insurance companies, are monitoring such data?

Deluged by Data is all about device addiction, cyborg-like humans, and data collecting. Watch it to find out more.

3. The Age of Big Data

It is one of the top documentaries about data revolution. The world is united by one thing – an extraordinary explosion in data. Can the police officers predict crime before it even happens? Watch this movie to get the answer. You will also learn about the impact of data on health services, astronomy, media, finance and more.

4. The Joy of Statistics

This amazing documentary will take you on a trip through the wonderful world of statistics. This is a must watch especially for those people who find statistics boring. You will definitely find yourself glued to the laptop throughout to see what Professor Hans Roslingwould do or talk about next. The film explores some real examples of statistics in action today.

5. Let my Dataset Change Your Mindset

Let my Dataset Change your Mindset is another video of Professor Hans Rosling. Here he demonstrates the use of statistics while comparing the life expectancy of different countries. This video shows the strength of accurate and up-to-date statistical data.


6. Future Intelligence

Future Intelligence is one of the best documentaries to watch if you want to learn more about artificial intelligence. This film demonstrates the power of technology and data. In the near future scientists will be able to build computers with artificial intelligence that can compete with the human brain.

7. The Smartest Machine on Earth

Have you ever heard about Watson, the computer that competed on the game show Jeopardy in 1984? It had a brain size of 2,400 home computers and a database of 10 million documents. This machine learning documentary tells us a complete story about Watson.

These documentary films are powerful and shocking, and each will expand your horizons.

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