Free coding education in the time of Covid-19


At the time of this COVID 19, there are tons of resources being offered for free to update your skills. If you are an ML enthusiast. and want to learn on how to program then check our both sections related to R and Python.


Harvard has always had free training for R programming through edX. The course to learn is free. If you care about certificate of completion, then you have to pay extra.

harvard R

Harvard also offers a ton of other data science related learning. Check out the link below.



Stanford has decided to offer free python course for anyone who is interested in the course. I have completed few sections in this course and this seems to be very intuitive and very easy to understand for anyone who has no experience in programming. Check out the image below for details.



Some of the other resources for you to learn python is, and huge list by hacknoon.

If you are more interested in just learning machine learning check out W3Schools.

If you know of any other free training available, please comment below and I will add that to this post.Sha

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