15 Influencers de Twitter sobre IoT que deberías seguir en 2021

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Tanto si quieres mantener el pulso de la IoT como si te interesa estar al día de las tendencias del sector, estas son las personas influyentes que debes seguir.

1. Kevin Jackson


A Top 5G Influencer and a Top 20 Tech Blogger, this DC-area author is a globally recognized cybersecurity and cloud computing expert. Take his crash course in digital transformation on this recent episode of IoT Dev Chat.

2. Sarah-Jayne Gratton


One half of the tech power couple The Grattons, Sarah-Jayne Gratton is a digital strategist and technology influencer who covers AI, 5G, AR, and Big Data. Catch her on our UK-focused podcast mini-series: Retail Tech Chat.

3. Dean Gratton


The second half of this London-based power couple, Dean Gratton is a tech influencer, analyst, and futurist, covering AI, IoT, IIoT, SmartHomes, SmartMeters, Energy, and Digital Transformation.

4. Neil Cattermull


This London-based analyst and tech influencer is fluent in tech, IoT, cloud, blockchain, and AI. His Twitter feed is curated from across the IoT and embedded space. Bonus: He’s into balloon animals and pasta.

5. Diana Adams


Looking for digital transformation, IoT, 5G, AI, ML, big data, and automation? This Atlanta tech journalist is the follow for you.

6. Antonio Grasso


A big-picture thinker, Antonio’s feed is a great place to track the trends that matter, like AI, blockchain, FinTech, and IoT.

7. Ajit Jaokar


Ajit is your go-to for all things AI, IoT, and Bioinformatics, plus he’s Course Director of Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations at the University of Oxford.

8. Rob van Kranenburg


Rob is the founding member of IoT News and voted one of IoT Day’s Top 20 thought leaders in industrial IoT. Follow his feed for all things IoT.

9. Peggy Smedley


Peggy is a podcaster, influencer, and futurist educating the world about the IoT and emerging tech in an effort to inspire next-gen women and men as innovators.

10. Chris Isak


Into tech, gaming, and geeky things? Chris is your man. He also dabbles in all things AV and IoT.

11. Beverly Eve


This London-based co-founder’s feed is the place to be for tech, innovation, IoT, AI, Cloud, 5G, Big Data, and Digital Transformation.

12. Shawn Hymel


Believe that education is the best form of marketing? You’re in good company with this freelance content creator. Added bonus: his quirky videos.

13. Evan Kirstel


This Boston-based B2B Tech Influencer supports Enterprise Clients with virtual events in telecom5GIoT, and Cloud.

14. Ronald van Loon


A Top 10 Influencer, follow Ron for the latest on AI, machine learning, and Big Data + live coverage of IoT shows around the world.

15. Dr. Sally Eaves


Professor Sally Eaves aka the torchbearer for ethical tech, has recently been ranked 8th in the world in blockchain impact and is ranked in the top 10 for digital disruption and across frontier technology subjects.

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