How Data Science & AI helps reduce COVID-19

During these weeks of harsh confinement we have read and listened to many news to find solutions for COVID19. I share with you how advanced data analysis or the use of Data Science & AI are helping to achieve this hard battle:

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  1. AI will never compensate for human greed, ignorance, and laziness. We have had inexpensive, effective outpatient treatment for covid that has been sabotaged by pharma through various tricks and deceptions. The scientific data is out there, but people (especially doctors!) haven’t bothered to look at it, preferring to accept the pharma narrative. So now doctors won’t prescribe effective treatment to outpatients, instead pushing pharma’s leaky, waning-in-effectiveness vaccines.

    It’s a cluster, proving P T Barnum’s dictum (again) that you can fool most of the people most of the time.

    Me gusta

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